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Work Stuff SPOT Clay Bar Medium Box of 100 gr



Work Stuff
SPOT Clay Bar Medium
Box of 100 gr

The Work Stuff Spot clay bar allows to remove the tiny particles of dust, road film, various contaminant embedded in the imperfections of the varnish.
Without this operation, the contaminants present on the surface can become trapped in your pad during polishing and micro-scratches (holograms).

Use of a Clay Bar Work Stuff Spot Medium.

A decontamination clay with a lubricant is used. It is a specially formulated liquid that helps clay slide over the paint, minimizing the risk of leaving marks or damage on the paint.
The lubricant is sprayed on the surface and the user rubs the clay on the wet surface.
Clay removes dirt by capturing contaminants and moving them away from the surface.
This means that you have to knead your clay often to return impurities to its center.

Why is there Marring using a Clay?

Even with the use of a high-quality lubricant, it is difficult not to have negative effects on the surface. Marks usually caused by clay are called Marring. These are small, very shallow defects on the surface of the paint and are easy to remove.


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