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Washing - Decontamination

Washing - Decontamination

How to wash a car safely?

Washing a car is a basic operational activity, thanks to which one can maintain an excellent condition of the paint and an excellent appearance for many years. Of course, provided that the process is carried out in accordance with the art of detailing. We will present our vision to make care not only effective but also Pleasant.

Where to start to wash the car?

First, arrange a shaded or closed laundry area and a moment for you. You'll also need a pressure washer with an active foam shampoo or a hand foam sprayer (like the Venus foamer).

In the first phase of washing, we will take care of the wheels to remove the most important dirt.
Use a special rim cleaner that will dissolve dirt from the wheels and braking system without the risk of damage. Acidic products can be dangerous and cause paint discoloration.

Apply a small amount of product around the perimeter and spread it abundantly with a brush or brush. Rub every nook and cranny and rinse with water under pressure. During this procedure, keep a safe distance between the lance and the surface, so as not to mechanically damage the painted wheels or tear off the balancing pellets. The next step is to clean the tires. Prepare a universal cleaner such as APC and apply it directly to the tire or brush. Rub thoroughly and rinse.

The next step is to prepare the active foam.

Pour the appropriate amount into your foam gun or hand frother. Active foam has a slightly alkaline reaction, which results in excellent washing properties. Effectively softens dirt and prepares it for proper washing. Apply a layer all over the car. Start with the lower parts. Let it act for a few moments so that the foam dissolves the dirt. Then use a pressure washer and rinse thoroughly the entire body, wheels and cavities.

We proceed to a good wash with a neutral shampoo.

Prepare two buckets. One with a separator (Gritt Guard) and clean water, the other with water and shampoo. By using the Good Stuff Pure Shampoo, you will be completely safe for paint or varnish. Waxes and coatings already applied will retain their durability. The properties of the product will ensure a good glide of the glove when washing. Start at the top and finish at the bottom and the rims. Rinse the whole car thoroughly. You are very close to the wow effect!

We dry the bodywork.

Prepare a fluffy microfiber towel or dry with a raclette. Take a full tour of the entire bodywork, including recesses and hard-to-reach spots. The car is now clean and dry.
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