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Rims - Pneumatics
Rims - Pneumatics

Rims - Pneumatics

To protect your rims from external aggressions, we offer a variety of cleaning products specially formulated to remove dirt, brake dust, road residue and other contaminants while preserving the original finish. From acid-free cleaners to neutral pH solutions, our range guarantees impeccable results without compromising the integrity of your rims, whatever their material.

For a refined, long-lasting look, explore our range of rim protection products, including the latest generation of sealants, waxes and ceramic coatings. These products provide a defensive barrier against external elements, reducing the adhesion of contaminants and making cleaning easier during your next maintenance sessions.

As for tires, we offer a selection of products to clean, shine and protect them. Our specialty cleaners remove embedded dirt and rubber residue, while our finishing products provide a long-lasting shine and protection against tarnishing caused by UV rays and other environmental factors.

In addition to our products, we also supply a range of essential accessories to make maintaining your rims and tires easier, such as special brushes, coating applicators and high quality microfibers.

Discover our exclusive selection of products dedicated to rims and tires, designed to meet all your automotive maintenance and care needs. Whether you are passionate about tuning, performance or simply concerned about the appearance of your vehicle, our complete range will satisfy you.

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