Why do a pre-wash?

A vehicle can be covered with dirt and grime, which means the surface needs to be cleaned. If you start your wash directly with a glove, even a quality one like a Work Stuff, dust and dirt particles will get into the fibers of your glove. The back and forth movement you will make during your washing will generate imperfections that you will have to resume with polishing.

How to pre-wash a car?

There are several ways to do your pre-wash. It all depends on the material you have, but we will spray an active foam on the body that will peel off and lift the largest particles of dirt. We evacuate all the dirt by rinsing the foam.

Pre-wash by hand with a foamer sprayer.

Not everyone has a pressure washer to put a real foam gun, but there are very good foamer sprayers. they are at permanent pressure and generate a very good foam thanks to their specific nozzle. The most widespread is the Venus of the Kwazar brand.
You make your water plus soap mixture, you put your sprayer under pressure by pumping air and you can spray on your car.
Let the foam act for 3 to 5 minutes and then rinse. While the foam is in place, you can use a good brush to rub on hard-to-reach places like the inside of the grille. All you have to do is rinse with clear water.

Pre-wash with an NHP and a foam gun type foam gun.

Easier and faster, pre-washing with a pressure washer and a foam gun.
We make our mixture of soap plus water in the tank of the foam gun. After connecting the foam gun to your NHP, open the water supply and adjust the soap flow with the adjustment button on the barrel. The mixture goes through a small filter that will aerate it and turn it into foam.
We have our pre-wash snow, all that remains is to let it act for a few minutes and rinse.

Active filters