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Comus Plasticoque
Comus Plasticoque

Comus Plasticoque

Comus Marine is a French brand specializing in marine paints.

It is considered one of the first brands of marine paints in France. Comus Marine combines high technology and know-how to fully satisfy water sports professionals, experienced sailors and shipbuilders."

Here are some of the products offered by Comus Marine :

Pneumatic glue:

Comus Marine's pneumatic adhesive is specially designed for marine applications. It offers a strong and durable grip, ideal for bonding different materials used in the construction and maintenance of semi-rigid boats.

Plastilac 340:

Plastilaque 340 from Comus Marine is an extremely resistant polyester polyurethane marine paint. It provides effective protection against water, UV rays, chemicals and abrasions. It can be used for the protection and decoration of wooden, metal and polyester surfaces on board boats.

Primepox P49:

The Primepox P49 from Comus Marine is a high-performance epoxy primer. It provides excellent adhesion and superior corrosion protection for the metal surfaces of ships. This primer is specially formulated to withstand extreme marine conditions.

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