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Indoor washing - Dressing - Finish
Indoor washing - Dressing - Finish

Indoor washing - Dressing - Finish

How to clean the interior of a car?

The interior washing of a vehicle is a very delicate part of detailing. Cleaning services for a vehicle interior can be very expensive with a real professional.
The multiplicity of materials (leather, fabrics, plastic, chrome, plexi, ...) requires different cleaning approaches depending on the type of surface. The product will change and we will have to adapt the tools according to the nooks and crannies and dirt.
For many car preparers, a good universal cleaner (APC) will treat a lot of problems.

The APC, the product to do everything.

No product has as much place in the detailer's musette as the APC universal cleaner. All Purpose Cleaner or all-purpose cleaner, we will do almost everything with it. Cleaning of the dashboard, fabrics, door passages, floor, rubbers, plastics, finally everything.
It is a universal cleaner that is diluted (between 1/4 and 1/30 depending on the dirt to be treated) and that we will use in a sprayer with a little elbow grease or in a pneumatic cleaning gun of the Cyclone or Tornador type with a clean cloth.
But the APC cannot deal in depth with all tasks or surfaces.

Leather Cleaner, or how to treat leather.

A material increasingly present in cars, leather requires special treatment. Whether for car seats, the steering wheel or any leather support, there is no question of taking dishwashing liquid or Nivea cream to renovate our seats. Let's treat leather with real leather products.
A very effective cleaner such as the Good Stuff Leather Cleaner or the Koch-Chemie LS Leather Star will clean and restore its luster to our leather.
A nourishing product like Good Stuff Leather Milk will protect it and prevent drying out.

Plastics like new.

Rubbers or plastics, how to renovate them so that it regains their luster of the first day? Another surface and a specific material for cleaning your car.
There are different plastic dressing rooms such as the Natural Look by Poorboy's, The Top Star by Koch-Chemie, the Interior Dressing by Good Stuff. They will be used with an applicator or microfiber cloth.

Tools adapted to succeed in your interior washing.

To work properly on the trims, easily dust the ventilation grilles, you are going to need different tools. Brushes, microfibers (those soft cloths), brushes, sprayers, ...

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