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The microfiber cloth is one of the most important accessories for automotive aesthetics. But not all microfiber cloths are the same.

A specific fabric for a specific use.

But what kind of microfiber towel should you use to do the job you have to do?
What for? Simply because of its efficiency and versatility in wet and dry conditions. If properly maintained, microfibers can also be used continuously.
However, there is some confusion about how to use microfiber towels, wash them and dry them.
Generally, microfiber cloths can be used for a long time, but only if they need to be properly cleaned and maintained. When washing most microfiber products, there are 3 main rules to follow. Improper cleaning of these towels will prevent them from fulfilling their role.

Cold water only

When placed in hot water, the material that makes up the microfiber cloth shrinks. To avoid damaging the fabric, use only cold water and a mild detergent for cleaning.

Do not use softener or bleach.

Positive and negative charges are some of the reasons why a microfiber cloth can easily attract dirt. Dirt contains negative charges, and ultrafine fibers generate positive charges, so the opposite sexes attract. Bleaching agents reduce the positive charge in the tissue. In addition, fabric softeners not only have the same effect, but also reduce the ability of towels to absorb water and dirt.

No heat

Heat and microfiber are like oil and water, they do not mix. A high-temperature dried microfiber cloth will destroy the polyester. This also makes the fabric more prone to scratches. Air drying is usually the best way to dry them, but if you're using a dryer, use a low-temperature program.

Types of microfiber cloths

Today there are many types of microfiber towels. It is important to use the right towel for the right use, read the characteristics of our microfibers to get the best results in your detailing work.
You should definitely consider using different towels for different purposes. Keep in mind that the higher the GSM, the higher the cost of the towel.

1. Microfiber to do everything on dirty parts.

With a grammage of 200/220 g/ m²
It is best used for the interior parts of doors, car interiors, wheels, exhausts and windows.

2. Microfiber goes everywhere from the detailer.

This 300/360 GSM microfiber is generally to be used on all exteriors. You can use this towel to clean polish residue during the polishing and polishing phases and to apply wax.

3. The delicate microfiber

This microfiber is in 600 GSM. We call it the Poly Buffing , it is better suited to the most delicate jobs. As it is soft, we also recommend it for applying and removing wax, polishing and polishing.

4. The safest microfiber

The microfiber of the detailer par excellence in 400/450 GSM. Very soft, the Laser Polish can be used for virtually any detailing work on a car. Interior cleaning, removal of polish residues, polishing, wax application.

5. The towel for the glass

A microfiber in 350 GSM. This is called the glass towel, it is perfect for drying and cleaning glass because of its superior absorbent power.

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