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Meguiar's M105 - Ultra Powerful Polishing Liquid - 3.78 Liters

Exclusive super-micro-abrasive technology.
The ultra-fast cut eliminates the grains of 1200 or finer sanding marks.
Supermicro abrasives offer the best finish of their category
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Meguiar's® Mirror Glaze® Ultra-Cut Compound, M10532, 3.78 litres.

Exceptional Cup performance:

Formulated with an exclusive super fast micro-abrasion technology, the M10532 can remove sanding marks up to 1200 grit, leaving a smooth surface and free from imperfections.

Application versatility:

Adapted to manual use or with a polisher, offering flexibility in the application.

Eradication of Defects:

Capable to remove sanding marks, scratches, marks of rain acid and even severe whirlpools and holograms.

Professional use:

Approved by automotive industry professionals, it is widely used to restore the shine of painted surfaces.

The Meguiar's® Mirror Glaze® Ultra-Cut Compound, M10532, is a high performance cutting solution adapted to the correction of car paint defects. Its advanced formulation and versatility make it a popular choice among industry professionals.

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