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Meguiar's Detacher Fabrics and carpets - 473 ml


Meguiar's Carpet & Interior Cleaner - 473 ml


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Detacher Fabrics & carpets Meguiar's

It's time to say goodbye to tenacious spots thanks to the Detacher Fabrics & carpets Meguiar's. Designed specifically to eliminate coffee stains, lipsticks, grease and much more, this car mocker cleaner offers a powerful solution without compromising the integrity of your surfaces.

Effect without color alteration

Unlike classic household cleaners, the Meguiar’s Fabrics and Moquettes cleaner targets the most resistant spots without altering the original color of the treated surface. Enjoy a quick and effective action that leaves your fabrics and flawless carpets.

No sticky residues, no worries

One of the major advantages of this carpet cleaning product is its total absence of sticky residues. Finish surfaces that attract dust after cleaning. Enjoy an effortless sustainable cleanliness, thanks to the smart formula Meguiar's.

Extended freshness for your interior spaces

For optimal results and extended protection, choose the Fabrics & Caps Detachor Meguiar's and give your interior spaces the freshness they deserve. With an advanced formula, this cleaner offers a complete solution to keep your fabrics and carpets in perfect condition.

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Meguiars carpets and carpets

Meguiars cleaning carpets and fabrics

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