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3M 8979 Long lasting masking adhesive BLEU Performance More - 48 mm x 22.8 m


Long-Lasting Masking Adhesive BLEU 3M 8979 Performance Plus - 48 mm x 22.8 m


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Product description:

The 3M Performance Plus 8979 glassesy tape features a unique construction that allows for permanent or temporary applications both indoors and outdoors. It peels off most opaque surfaces leaving little or no residue 6 months after application. The 3M™ 8979 tape is also UV resistant over a 1-year period. It does not deleamine or deteriorate when exposed to the sun. The ribbon is conformable, resistant to abrasion and water. The construction of the polyethylene film coupled with the fabric frame allows for easy straight tearing and high traction resistance for the most demanding applications.


Compliant with UL 723, HUD, and BOCA standards.

The support is conformable and does not remember the curve of the roller, making it easy to handle and apply.

The rubber adhesive adheres to most surfaces and has an excellent initial tack. Once in place, it remains in its original position. A single ribbon can be used for many applications with very little rebus.

The tape unfolds very easily, making its use pleasant and un tiring. The 22.9m length tape version can be used with the M3000 Hand Masker reel and other reels to increase productivity for the application of tape or when hanging sheets of paper or plastic.

The slate blue colors is close to gray, but is special to make sure the right tape is used in temporary exterior application.

The 48mm rollers have a special treatment on their slice is not pegious and collects less dust. They are wrapped separately to preserve the integrity of the roll resulting in a reduction in waste.

There is also a special nuclear version the 3M™ Performance Plus Nuclear 8979N with a specific technical record separate from the 8979.

Application ideas:

Ideal for lapped tape applications in VMC, shipbuilding and plumbing.

Waterproofing of caps, color coding, dosimeter maintenance on stainless steel tube.

Repair, reinforcement, banding, moisture sealing, sealing, sealing, temporary repair. Insulator sealing, tube and duct closure, marking and labelling.

Suspension of polyethylene tarpaulins, industrial masking, sandblasting protection.

Maintenance, maintenance, packaging.

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