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3M 55045 Super fast glue for transparent plastics, 50 ml


3M 55045

Super fast glue for transparent plastics

Seringue 50 ml

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Super-fast glue for plastics 55045 - 50 ml cartridges.

Description and end-use

The Translucent Super Rapid Glue For Plastics 3M 55045 is a fast-polymerizing two-compose glue that allows for the simple, durable and rapid repair of damaged automotive plastic parts.

Used with the 3M 04903 film, it completely reconstructs parts of broken plastic parts such as shield attachment, headlight, inner trim and hooded legs.

The Super Rapide 3M 55045 polymerizes in seconds and can be sanded, pierced, cut within minutes of its application, allowing the original shape of the broken part to be reproduced quickly, even if the broken piece is missing.

- Two-composing stick in cartridge: no other product (accelerator, for example). Automatic, simple and secure blend in the mixing nozzle.

- Polyurethane technology: does not flow, easy to form with the 3M film for super-fast glue 04903. Does not become crumbly like cyanocrylate-based glues and allows for lasting repairs.

- 20 to 30 seconds of collage time: very quick repairs. No need to use pliers to maintain the parts for drying time.

- High hardness achieved in a few minutes: the possibility of sanding, drilling and cutting a few minutes after application. Allows you to reconstruct and fix parts in minutes.

- Versatile glue: compatible with most plastics (in conjunction with the 3M 05917 Aerosol Adhesion Primary). Also compatible with metal, wood and glass (use The Glass Adhesion Primary 3M 58012 for optimal result in this case).

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