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Hurricane Y010 Cleaning Pistol


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Hurricane Y010 Cleaning Pistol
With 2 cones

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The Hurricane Y010 pistol is connected to a compressed air source, causing the circular tube to rotate at high speed (8500 rpm) in the mouth of the bell.
A pressure of 4 to 9.2 bar (the best working condition is at a pressure of 7 bar).
The centrifugal force resulting from the rotation evacuates the air in the center and forms a powerful flow of air to atomize the detergent.
The atomized detergent is attached to the stained parts to completely separate the stain molecules from the surface of the parts.

Product features:
Complete, efficient and energy-efficient cleaning.
Combined with the principles of aerology, easy and simple to use.
The product comes with the ultra-resistant rotary hose, offering a powerful wind and a good cleaning effect.
Light body design of the gun.
Available with 2 cones.
Makes it easier to work in detailing.

The product can effectively remove different types of stains on fabric surfaces, leather, engine, tire, hub, plastic and on all surfaces of various industrial machinery.
Such as:
Motorcycles, automobiles and heavy trucks, aluminum window frame, blinds, screens, carpets, kitchen equipment and various types of fans, tractors, agricultural equipment, office equipment (e.g. printer) tool, toy (stuffed animals and figurines), leather shoes, etc.


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