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Work Stuff Pad Finishing diam 90 mm Red

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Work Stuff
Pad Finishing
Diam 90 mm Red

Finishing polishing pad with an open cell structure.

Soft polishing pad with low abrasion.
Eliminates minor imperfections and brings out the maximum shine on the paint finish. Thanks to its special structure, it preserves high cutting capacities throughout the duration of use.
Made of high quality open cell foam. It is characterized by good heat dispersion, resistant to clogging.


Milled edges with an appropriate angle
Trapezoidal shape improves stability during labor
The central hole reduces surface tension during work
It has a resistant self-gripping fastener. The edges are milled to an appropriate degree for better performance and damage prevention.
The sponge is designed for use with dual-action machines.
The central hole reinforces the cooling of the pad and the polisher tray during operation.

How do I use Work Stuff Pad Finishing?

It is used on a tray in diam 75 mm.
Position the pad by centering it on the board.
Place 2 to 3 hazelnuts of your polish on the pad. Without turning your machine, stamp the pad on the surface to be treated (usually 50 x 50 cm) to deposit the polish.
Start the polisher at slow speed to spread the polish and then increase the speed.

How to maintain the Work Stuff Pad Finishing pad?

After use, the pad contains polish residues. For conservation and future use it is important to maintain or clean your pad.
At the end of your polishing session, you can spray a universal APC cleaner. This will allow you to remove the largest, including polish residue. You can then (even later) do a cleaning with water and dishwashing liquid.

Do not use hot water that may damage the glue between the foam and the self-gripping support.

Diameter: 90 mm x 80 mm x 25 mm


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