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Electric Foam Sprayer (Battery Foamer)

Electric light on battery.


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Electric Mousse Spray (Foamer on Battery).

Our electric foam generator, also known as foamer, foam gun or foam gun, is a professional equipment designed to transform a liquid into foam. With its electric motor, it allows for easier and longer work compared to the pre-pressure sprayer that quickly empties from their air.

With its capacity of 1.8 litres, it is perfectly suited for use in industrial, commercial or professional environments as in detailing workshops, as well as for domestic applications. Thanks to its 7.2V lithium ion battery, it works up to 1 hour with a charged battery. The light indicator allows you to visualize the load during use.

This foam generator uses advanced technology to produce a dense and uniform foam that allows to lift dirt on surfaces where it is sprayed. It is equipped with a high pressure pump system that ensures a uniform distribution of the foam on the surface to be treated.

- With 3 mm nozzle with 110° angle
- Block the loquet for continuous spraying
- With integrated depressurization valve
- With 7.2V lithium ion battery


Generates a thick and qualitative foam allowing long contact time with surfaces.
Excellent resistance with a wide range of chemicals.
Equipped with a pressure regulator at 2 bars.
With graduation to visualize the level on the tank.
Flat jet nozzle with a spray angle of up to 110°.
With depressurization valve.
Easy to charge with supplied USB cable.

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