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Scangrip Work Pen 200 R Lampe-stylo LED Rechargeable

Scangrip Work Pen 200 R
Rechargeable LED pen lamp
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200 lumens rechargeable LED pen lamp with dimmer function and integrated magnets.

WORK PEN 200 R is a rechargeable pen lamp that is part of the improved FLASHLIGHT range. A real work lamp for professional inspection work – always at your fingertips!

LED pen lamp provides extremely powerful illumination, both the lamp head (up to 200 lumens) and the precision superior light (150 lumens), which is quite exceptional for such a small pen lamp. A side switch ensures easy on/off with one hand. It also has a continuous dimming function in the range of 10 % to 100 % which allows you to easily adjust the light output and use only the light needed for the specific job.

Featuring durable aluminum construction with a comfortable grip, the design is slim and compact allowing access to the most inaccessible places.

WORK PEN 200 R comes with built-in magnets for hanging or storage - both in the clip and at the bottom of the pen lamp. This gives you increased flexibility as you can easily position the light, if you need to have your hands free while working.

The LED pencil lamp is easily rechargeable with a USB cable, which avoids tedious and annoying battery replacement. The load indicator on the front indicates the charging status. Supplied with a clip for the pocket, at hand.

This work light is applicable for all kinds of work tasks in automotive workshop, construction site or other demanding working environments. For the paint industry, we offer a full range of COLORS AND DETAILS designed for color matching, detail and general paint jobs.

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