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Rupes LHR15 Mark III Kit LUX


Rupes LHR15 Mark III


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The new LHR 15 MarkIII is specially designed to deal with various precision situations and is the new border in detailing. Its ergonomic shape allows precise paint correction on curved surfaces and difficult access areas. LHR 15 MarkIII works faster than LHR 21 MarkIII. This increased speed ensures the same correction, but the diameter of the tray and the orbit are more conductive on curved and irregular surfaces.

Random orbital movement:
The support plate moves along the orbit (its amplitude depends on the distance between the axis of rotation of the drive shaft and the central axis of the support plate) and rotates freely around its own central axis. Under the action of the centrifugal force and the friction force of the compensation movement, the rear plate rotates freely at different speeds and in different directions. If the friction leads them to prevent the disc from turning during the operation of the tool, the random double-effect orbital motion will become a simple orbital motion. The number of disc towers is variable and does not depend on the number of tracks travelled. In terms of efficiency and quality of surface treatment, the random double-effect orbital movement is currently the best compromise.

Improved ergonomics.
The MarkIII rubber front handle offers excellent comfort to the operator while guaranteeing an anti-slip surface during operation. The improved rear handle has a rubber surface, making the hand more comfortable. Two non-marking tool holders, strategically positioned, enhance the stability of the tool when not used and provide additional protection against accidental shocks. The continuous development of MarkIII's BigFoot Random Orbit Platform has consolidated its reputation and made it the best.

Electronic Speed Control Panel.
The new electronic speed control dial can easily fix the polishing machine at the highest speed without the operator's hands lacking the machine. The larger dial can be easily adjusted with the thumb. Clearly visible numbers and a more positive response to the dial movement make the speed changes more deliberate, allowing the operator to choose the ideal speed for the work to be done without interrupting the polishing process.

9 m cable.
The new 9 m ultra-long industrial cable is designed to provide maximum power to the polisher to ensure efficient and safe operation. Longer cables save time, steps and problems, as users do not need extensions to polish around the car.

Progressive trigger.
The new progressive trigger adds an additional level of control. The progressive trigger is used as a joystick to control the speed in the dial beach, allowing the operator to perform fine settings and ensure precise control without having to interrupt the process or reposition the handle to access the control dial.

The concern for detail is not only an attractive aspect. Each detail, such as the rubber support placed on the main body of the machine, used to stabilize the rest machine, is the result of a thorough search to ensure maximum comfort to the operator.

Kit including:

1 x Orbital polisher LHR15 MKIII/STD (Ø125mm - Ø5”-15mm orbit)(LHR15III)
1 x D-A COARSE polishing compound 250ml(9.DACOARSE)
1 x D-A FINE polishing compound 250ml(9.DAFINE)
1 x UNO PROTECT One-Step Polish & Sealant 250ml( 9.PROTECT)
1 x Wool polishing pad COARSE Ø130-145mm(9.BW150H)
1 x Wool polishing pad FINE Ø130-145mm(9.BW150M)
1 x D-A COARSE foam polishing pad Ø130-150mm - Ø5”-6”(9 .DA150H)
1 x D-A FINE foam polishing pad Ø130-150mm - Ø5”-6”(9.DA150M)
1 x Microfiber cloth Blue( 9.BF9050)
1 x Microfiber cloth Yellow( 9.BF9060)
1 x Microfiber cloth White( 9.BF9070)
1 x Claw pad(9.BF7001)
1 x Cable Clamp(9.Z1024)
1 x BIGFOOT apron(9.Z868)
1 x BIGFOOT tools bag(9.Z1043/BF)

Ø door tray mm-in 125/5′′
Ø orbit mm 15
Power Watt 500
R.P.M. 2000-5000
Weight Kg 2,6
Speed control
Layout tray M8-F
Electric cable m 9
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