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Rupes LHR12E STD Bigfoot Duetto Poliseuse Orbitale


Rupes LHR12E STD
Bigfoot Duetto
Orbital police

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Single sanding and polishing system

"Duetto" is designed to work both with soft-surface pads and micro-abrasives (such as film discs), and offers excellent performance in both methods.

The dynamics of the rotary orbital movement were carefully studied and in-depth practical tests were conducted. The emphasis is on the choice of a 6 mm excentricity (the total orbit is 12 mm); the correction capacity of the last generation of abrasive microdisks has been incredibly improved, especially during the operation for the leveling of the orange skin and extended defects (uniform depth of the sanding marks).

Then the same orbital motion of the rotor will guide the sanding tray in an efficient and extremely simple movement to quickly achieve high finish.

Using film discs to correct the most important defects, interventions can be reduced to a few minutes, speeding up and simplifying the sanding cycle, which can be very tiring only in sanding mode. This type of machining requires that the machine have a careful balance and a very good control of the movement. Small changes can lead to uneven surface roughness, and hard work is needed in the following steps. "Duetto" allows you to obey the instructions and immediately creates a very good sensation for the operator.

In particular, there are some preventive measures that help to achieve good results, such as anti-slip devices, which can limit the possibility of errors even for less skilled operators; the front handle helps to support the palm of the hand. Virtual eccentric mass center and electronic module with torque control.

In addition, the rubber support allows to place the "duetto" on the bench, avoiding contamination by abrasive dust that could be accidentally transferred to the surface to be treated, thus damaging them.

Okay   M8
Speed control  
Weight Kg  2,6
R.P.M.    4000-5500
Power W/hp  400
Ø orbit mm  12
Ø tray mm  125

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