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Soft99 Wheel Dust Blocker 200ml
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Soft99 Wheel Dust Blocker 200ml


This protection deposits a layer of ultra-hydrophobic silica crystals at the nanoscale on the wheel surface.
The resistance to water and dirt is really spectacular, nothing sticks!

One bottle will process 8 wheels.


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Soft99 Wheel Dust Blocker is a nanotechnology-based rim protector that creates a highly hydrophobic layer on the rim surface.

It also prevents brake dust from sticking and makes it easier to clean the rims.

The Wheel Dust Blocker's lotus leaf protector gives it a hydrophobic effect that effectively repels most of the dirt and other daily residues.

Wheel Dust Blocker is very easy to use: just clean the rims, dry them, use the degreasing wipes provided, spray the protector and let it dry!

The contents of a bottle protect 8 to 12 rims depending on the size.
The kit includes a bottle of Wheel Duster and a bag of 8 wipes.
Compatible with most rims (except raw aluminum, magnesium and plated plates).

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