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Menzerna Cut Force Pro 250 ML Polish / Compound and Finition
  • Menzerna Cut Force Pro 250 ML Polish / Compound and Finition

Menzerna Cut Force Pro 250 ML Polish / Compound and Finition

This high-quality polishing compound offers both maximum cutting and excellent shine.

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The Menzerna Cut Force Pro is a highly efficient polishing compound used in the field of automotive maintenance.

The Menzerna Cut Force Pro is a professional quality polishing compound specially designed for automotive maintenance, detailing and maintenance of bodywork surfaces to effectively eliminate scratches, sanding marks and signs of wear on vehicle paint surfaces. Thanks to its innovative formula developed by the laboratory Menzerna, this polishing paste acts as a One Step and guarantees maximum polishing while preserving a remarkable gloss.

Its use allows to restore the brilliance of highly sought-after varnishes and to create a depth of noble and attractive shine. The Menzerna Cut Force Pro is particularly appreciated for its ability to quickly and effectively treat minor defects on painted surfaces, thus offering an exceptional finish result.

Method of application Menzerna Cut Force Pro:

1. Make sure the surface to be treated is clean and devoid of dust or abrasive particles.
2. Act the bottle and apply 3 (ø95 mm) - 7 (ø180 mm) drops of varnish of the size of a pea on the polishing pad or lamb skin, depending on the size of the pad.
3. Use a rotary or eccentric polishing machine and use the cross coating method.

4. During polishing, apply strong and uniform pressure and run the product at low constant speed.
5. At first, the varnish will seem a little milky and should be worked until a slightly transparent/ oily film is visible.
6. After polishing, remove the varnish residues with the top-quality microfiber cloth.

7. Depending on surface requirements, a second step can be performed to obtain a very bright surface. Here you have the possibility to re-enforce the Menzerna Cut Force Pro or a Menzerna Finish. In both cases in combination with Menzerna Soft Cut Foam Pad.

Following these steps, the Menzerna Cut Force Pro will allow you to get exceptional polishing results, leaving the surface with a shiny and impeccable look.

Use with:

Wool lamb pad
Microfibre polishing stamp
Hard foam polishing stamp

Rotation speed according to machine type:

Start : 800-1500 rpm - raised End : 1800-2000 rpm

Beginning: Slow speed range - raised End : Fast speed range

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