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Liquid Elements T2500 Menzerna Monkey line Polishing Kit


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Polishing kit for beginners allowing easy renovations on all types of vehicles.

This pack contains

How to polish your car with a polishing kit?

We have gathered in this kit the necessary to allow you to make a complete renovation of your vehicle even for beginners thanks to the many accessories present.
For an easy and safe result, we did not opt for a rotary polisher but for an orbital polisher.
Eccentric chandeliers have less force than circular machines but do not generate a hologram and significantly reduce the risk of damaging the varnish.

Liquid Elements T2500 orbital polisher.

It is a double-action polisher with an orbital movement of 8 mm with a self-gripping 125 mm plate, a variable speed drive, a switch lock for a 750 watt motor. Even if it is not a Big foot or a Flex, whether you are an absolute beginner in the preparation of vehicles, handymen, professional detailer or bodybuilder, this machine is suitable for every user to renovate varnished or painted surfaces and make them shiny as on the first day. It comes with a carrying bag.

Menzerna FG400.

We need an abrasive polishing paste with very good cutting power to remove deep scratches (scratches, oxidation, scratches) easily and effortlessly. Menzerna FG 400 (Fast Gloss) is a silicone-free compound (a scratch eraser) that will polish the surface and correct important defects, scratches and micro-scratches to revive the surface. Start with a low rotational speed and then increase the speed.

Menzerna SF 3500 or shine and shine easily.

It is an exceptional finish polish as well to take up the small imperfections, the holograms (pig's tails) and will give it a very deep long-lasting gloss and a perfect finish on the body of the car.

Monkey Line Pad Heavy Cut.

An eccentric polishing machine requires specific polishing pads with high resistance to shear effects and heat.
The open cell foam of the Monkey Line Heavy Cut polishing sponges has a high hardness and allows optimal correction work. The central hole allows easy heat dissipation (cooling) and easier centering of the pad on the backing plate. Scratch fastening.
It is a hard foam suitable for use with compound-type polishes such as Menzerna's FG 400.

Monkey Line Pad Polishing.

After the correction work comes the delicate part of the finish. We need to remove the tiny defects (angel hair, holograms) and bring a gloss, an exceptional shine to the surface. It is absolutely avoided to work with a sheepskin (wool pad or lamb's wool cap) that is not used in finishing.
It is a soft foam for the final polishing with the Menzerna SF 3500.

Microfiber polishing cloth.

During the polishing and polishing phases you will have to wipe the polish residues to allow you to check your work. To achieve a result and make the body shine, our microfiber cloths facilitate the removal of dust and dirt and leave perfect finishes.


Ergonomic machine with easy grip and low vibrations.
Adjustable speed thanks to the regulator.
Pressure LEDs on the machine.
Renovation of the optics possible with a Velcro top in diam 75 (optional) or for small areas.
No more manual polishing, we find a new look as on the first day.

How can I improve the polishing (surface treatment) of my car?

In automotive aesthetics, the improvement of a renovation begins with pre-washing by removing as many contaminants as possible from the surface of the varnish and manual washing.
Decontamination with a clay (clay bar) makes it easy to remove the tiny grains of dust trapped on the surface.
An inspection cleaner allows you to remove polishing oils and highlight the defects we are looking to remove.
Use a plastic renovator to revive bumper and wand and give them a new youth.
A protective wax (wax) for a "wet" finish and especially to protect the surface from bad weather, UV, dust or a ceramic for long-term protection.


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