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Auto Good Stuff Hexa 6 x 500 ml maintenance kit


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Auto Good Stuff Hexa 6 x 500 ml maintenance kit

APC Apple / Bug Remover / Gloss Detailer / Glass Cleaner / Pure Shampoo / Iron Remover

Good Stuff's Hexa kit allows for complete maintenance of your car.

It contains the essential elements of detailing in the rules of the art.

Indoor cleaner, rim cleaner, windows, quick detailer, insect, wash. The most important products to allow you perfect maintenance at the right price.

The kit includes:

Good Stuff Pure Shampoo 500 ml - Neutral PH Shampoo
Neutral and effective car shampoo with abundant foam for careful washing.

Good Stuff Iron Remover 500 ml - Ferreux Decontaminant
Decontaminating ferrous allowing the removal of metal impurities from rims, embellishments and varnish.

Good Stuff APC Apple 500 ml - All-surface concentrated cleanser
Concentrated versatile product for cleaning various surfaces.

Good Stuff Bug Remover 500 ml - Eliminates Insects
Bug Remover is a product to remove insects from the body of the car.

Good Stuff Gloss Detailer 500 ml - Quick Detailer
Quick Synthetic Detailer created for quick and easy body protection.

Good Stuff Glass Cleaner 500 ml - Window Cleaner
Very effective cleaning to clean the windows.


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