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3M 06500 Mastic polyuréthane Marine 5200 3M™, Blanc 310 ml

The Marine Mastic 3MTM 5200 is extremely resistant, remaining resistant above and below the buoy line. It also remains flexible, allowing it to adapt to structural movements. Excellent resistance to salt water and weather

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Product Description: Mastic Marine 3MTM 5200, White, 295 ml (Reference: PN06500)


The Mastic Marine 3MTM 5200 is a high performance product designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of the marine industry. It is a high-quality polyurethane adhesive mastic, recognized for its exceptional durability and resistance to the most stringent marine conditions. Perfectly suitable for use on board boats, this mastic offers exceptional adhesion and reliable sealing in a variety of nautical applications.

Key features:

High Quality Material

Made by 3MTM, a world leader in adhesive and sealing solutions, the 5200 mastic is formulated with high-quality materials to ensure superior performance.

Resistance to Salt Water

Thanks to its special formulation, this mastic maintains its grip and seal even in corrosive and salin marine environments.

Application versatility

The 5200 mastic is ideal for various marine applications, such as sealing, attachment of parts, repair of hulls, keel connections, porthole fittings, and much more.

Durable flexibility

Its formulation offers flexibility, allowing it to support movements and vibrations without cracking or detaching.

UV resistance

This mastic is designed to withstand ultraviolet rays of the sun, thus avoiding degradation due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Application Facility

With its adaptable consistency, the 5200 mastic can be easily applied using a standard mastic pistol.


The mastic is available in white colour, offering a clear and discreet finish that harmonizes with most marine surfaces.

Use and reliability

Whether for repair, maintenance or construction projects in the marine field, the Mastic Marine 3MTM 5200 offers a reliable and durable solution. Its resistance to marine elements and exceptional performance make it a choice of confidence for boaters, boat owners and marine industry professionals. Do not hesitate to choose the Mastic Marine 3MTM 5200 to ensure a solid seal and a lasting adhesion in all your marine projects.

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