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Full Scangrip Multimatch 3 Lighting Kit + Tripod + Diffuser

Scangrip complete lighting kit including:
  • 2 x Multimatch 3
  • 1 x Support Dual Bracket
  • 1 x Trepied on Wheels Wheel Stand
  • 2 x Medium Diffuser

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Complete lighting kit for detailing allowing a search for defects on a body and the complete lighting of a work area.
With the 2 Multimatch 3 lamps each with 3000 lumens, you can easily inspect the side of an imposing vehicle, see the side of a boat.

The kit includes:

2 x Multimatch 3

Exceptional and powerful rechargeable work lamp providing up to 3000 lumens for inspection of large areas during polishing, painting and cleaning operations as well as for color matching.

1 x Support Dual Bracket

It is designed for the positioning of two lamps on the SCANGRIP TREPOD 3m and the WHEEL STAND.

1 x Trepied on Wheels Wheel Stand

It is developed for the mobile positioning of the work lamp in the retail workshop. It makes it easy to move light where you need it, and
At the same time, you avoid lifting heavy and uncomfortable loads from one workplace to another.

2 x Medium Diffuser

The light diffuser is designed to diffuse and soften light, allowing you to illuminate an entire workspace and avoid harsh shadows. It offers you increased functionality and new possibilities to further adapt your work lamp to the specific work task.

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