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IPA Nano Shell Control
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Nano Carapace

Nano Shell IPA Cleaner & Decontamination – Control 500 ML


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Nano Shell IPA Cleaner & Decontamination – Control 500 ML
Revealing possible defects after polishing – holograms, essential before installing a ceramic protection.

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Description of Control.

Nano Carapace® CONTROL is ideal for cleaning and degreasing polished paints and revealing the general condition of the surface. It leaves a streak-free result for a reliable assessment of the level of physical shine after the final polishing step. Even the smallest imperfections, sanding marks and especially holograms can be easily visualized.

It can also be used to reduce friction when decontaminating paint or glass with a Clay Bar or decontamination pad. This will ensure a completely clean and perfectly prepared surface for the polishing process.

Essential before the installation of our ceramic treatments.

How to use Control:

Use for correction control:
Apply CONTROL to the surface to be checked
Gently wipe the treated area with a clean microfiber
Check the result of the polishing carried out
Use for decontamination:
Use with a Clay Bar or decontamination pad, to reduce friction during decontamination

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