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Chandelier Liquid Elements Terminator V2 1200 Watts Rotary



Liquid Elements Terminator V2
1200 Watts
Rotary polisher with 125 mm diam tray

Liquid Elements Terminator V2 Rotary Polisher 1200Watts

The Terminator V2 polisher is liquid Elements' latest rotary machine and, with a power consumption of 1200 watts, is one of the most powerful polishing machines.

The rotary polisher is designed for experienced users who are looking for a user-friendly polisher, at an attractive and very powerful price for the preparation of vehicles and the renovation of polyester boats. The innovative design of the Terminator V2 not only ensures a beautiful look of the polishing machine, but also ensures a pleasant feeling during the polishing process.

The following changes and improvements have been made to the previous model:

  • More powerful motor with corresponding gear ratio for up to 1200 watts of power
  • Green and red LED torque control display
  • Increased softness
  • Constant speed with remote electronics
  • Ergonomic wrist rest on the head of the polisher with extended rubber coating
  • Design customization


Power supply: 230v/50HZ
Motor power: 1200 Watt
Speed in rotation mode: 1000-3000 rpm
Cable length: 8 meters
Weight: 2.5 kg
M14 thread (support plate)


The pre-assembled carbon brushes (1 pair) in the machine have an average service life of about 350 hours.
This corresponds to a preparation of about 50 vehicles.
This requires proper handling and use of the machine during the polishing process, as the service life of the carbon brushes can otherwise vary greatly.
Note: Replacement carbon brushes are always included with the machine as standard, so 2 pairs of carbon brushes are available in delivery.

scope of delivery
Terminator V2 Liquid Elements rotary polisher.
Support plate of 125 mm in diameter with self-gripping fastening.
Storage bag for liquid elements.
Allen wrench.
2 x Spare charcoal brushes.
Instructions for use.


Data sheet

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