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Nano Shell Nano Quick detailer – Cleans and Protects 500 ML


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Nano Shell Nano Quick detailer – Cleans and Protects 500 ML

2 in 1: Easy and fast
Duration of protection: 2-3 months
Water-repellent effect and shine
SIO2 ceramic protection
Nano Quick Detailer will clean and protect all exterior parts of your vehicle.
2 effects in 1 single action. Time saving and efficiency. A shiny car, a hydrophobic and talking surface, anti-dirt.
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Description of Nano Quick detailer.

As a spray, it is applied to the body with the help of a microfiber. By polishing the surface, it becomes clean and protected. For all exterior surfaces of your vehicle (bodywork, windows, plastic, etc.). The nano particles of NANO QUICK DETAILER, provide shine and an anti-dirt barrier for 2 to 3 months.

Easily cleans and protects

Easy to use, it leaves a smooth finish and great shine. The surface is hydrophobic, water beads and dirt no longer adheres. Future cleanings will be facilitated.

How to use Nano Quick detailer:

SPRAY the Nano Quick Detailer on the surface
APPLY to the body using the supplied microfiber until the product is no longer visible
WAIT 2-3 minutes
APPLY the product again
POLISH the surface until dry and shiny
REPEAT the operation, if the water-repellent effect seems insufficient
If your vehicle is dirty enough, it is recommended to:
WET and then DRY surfaces before application

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