G6 0.5

Gtechniq G6 Perfect Glass 500 ML


Gtechniq G6 Perfect Glass 500 ML
Powerful window cleaner
Crystalline finish
Antistatic effect

Why Use Gtechniq G6 Perfect Glass?

G6 Perfect Glass is a pure formula, focused on cleaning glass. All ingredients that can cause burrs have been eliminated, such as cheap perfumes and solvents, to produce a powerful and efficient cleaning product.

G6 creates a positive charge on the glass helping to repel dust.

Simple Steps to Help You Get the Best Results

Shake well before use
Use away from direct sunlight
Spray directly on a window cloth and wipe the glass
Remove any residue with another microfiber polishing cloth
store in a cool, dry place
To be used within 12 months after opening

G6 0.5

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