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Good Stuff Snow Foam Orange 2 liters - Neutral foaming shampoo orange



Good Stuff Snow Foam Orange
2 Liters
Neutral foaming shampoo orange

Snow Foam Orange shampoo.

Thick and stable foam combined with a neutral pH, safe for any cleaned surface.
For a better working comfort, our product has been enriched with a pleasant fragrance.
Available in four color variants – white, mint, pink and orange.
For a better user experience, use a high-pressure foam gun or manual foam sprayer

Why use a Snow Foam?

Snow Foam Orange is a pre-wash shampoo.
It is used before manual washing.
We spray with a foamer a foam that will detach the important dirt from the body.
By using a pre-wash shampoo, we avoid the creation of micro-scratches at the time of washing with a glove.

How to use:

Apply to a dry vehicle
Apply with a foam gun
Cover the entire cleaned surface
Rinse it at high pressure after 5-7 minutes

Tips for using Orange Snow Foam:

Dilution ratio (recommended) for foam gun from 1:9 to 1:5
Foam sprayer for hands use 50-60 ml per 1L
Do not use in direct sunlight or in hot elements

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